Neuro Care: What are the treatment options for lumbar spinal stenosis?


Neuro Care: What are the treatment options for lumbar spinal stenosis?

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Lumbar spinal stenosis is one of the common health concerns for which early and personalized treatment is necessary. Studies have shown around 60% to 90% of the patients can get relief from the back pain and other symptoms through non-surgical and surgical treatment from the Neurologist in Ludhiana. Surgery is preferred in cases where the condition is not getting better. The guide will talk you through the necessary treatment options suggested for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis.

Non-surgical treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis

When you visit the Best Neurologist in Punjab, he will analyze the specific cause. Doing, so it’s known as the primary reason behind the herniated disc. If it seems that no major and at the early stages, then non-surgical treatment is preferred & a combination of options may be suggested like:

Physical therapy

The primary treatment option is lumbar spinal stenosis, and the approach is made by determining the major cause. Additionally, physical therapy involves:

  • Treating the patient’s condition by giving relief through symptoms.
  • Restoring spine function.
  • Making mobility better.
  • Preventing flare-ups.

Changing lifestyle and taking measures for self-care

The most important factor is changing the way daily activities are done and doing things right. By doing so, all the necessary measures are taken that help you to get relief from spinal stenosis pain. Some of the tips to consider are:

Maintain healthy weight

Use heat therapy

Walkthrough support

Give priority to doctor’s assistance


There are few cases where the condition is not severe, but medications are still required to relieve the pain. If your state requires pain medication, you are prescribed ibuprofen and gabapentinoids, which help manage the pain in all possible ways. Make sure any medication you take is under a doctor’s assistance so that you feel better in all possible ways.

Injection treatment

Another practical choice for relieving lumbar spinal stenosis pain is through injections. With the injections, the spinal inflammation is reduced and helps the pain signals be reduced, which are obtained from the spine and then go to the brain. Some of the most common injection treatments are:

  • Epidural injection
  • Facet joint injections
  • Radiofrequency joint ablation

Which are the alternative and complementary treatments?

Well, a few treatment options are referred to as complementary approaches, and there are even alternative medications suggested helping lumbar spinal stenosis pain be addressed. If you talk about complementary treatment options, then the ideal ones suggested include the following:

  • Manual manipulation: Spinal tissues are mobilized to help take the spinal stenosis pain down.
  • Acupuncture: the approach allows the blood to increase in the body. Additionally, back pain and muscle strain is reduced.
  • Therapeutic massage: Massage offers a great way to reduce spasms and loosen tight muscles to help blood flow increase in the body.

Do you need any help?

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