Neuro study, ‘Air pollutants caused by traffic increases risk of stroke’

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Neuro study, ‘Air pollutants caused by traffic increases risk of stroke’

Taking care of your Neuro Health

Your brain deserves the utmost attention. But, the world we all live in and nearby surroundings at times can make it difficult. The major problem occurs when there is long-term exposure to air pollutants. The negative effect of pollutants on brain health increases the chances of stroke. Stroke is one of the most significant factors behind increasing the death rate and disability.

To take the best care of yourself, you need the expertise of an experienced Neurologist in Ludhiana. Because several studies have highlighted chances of stroke are higher due to air pollution.

Did you know?Stroke that causes bleeding or any severe type has increased chances of epilepsy. Studies show that around 7% of stroke patients will have epilepsy in 30 months. Here your key focus should be on consulting one of the  Best Epilepsy Doctors in Punjab to seek an informative treatment plan.

Air pollutants are the most significant factor in Chronic condition

One of the studies has highlighted that the chances of chronic diseases are higher. The environmental protection agency has concluded that air pollution increases the incidence rate of stroke in individuals aged 65. Under this state, it’s essential to consult a medical expert at the earliest. The study emphasized the fact that the:

  • Individuals in the age group of 65 to 74 years have around 88.2% chances
  • Out of the given percentage, approximately 58.2% were women

During the study period, around 12.8% had a stroke. Such an alarming situation makes it quite evident to seek immediate medical care. The critical factor is to avoid long-term exposure to pollution to ensure health benefits in all the right ways possible.

What’s the relation between air pollution and stroke?

Air pollutants are known to affect the biological process negatively. The studies even emphasized the fact there are:

  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Reduce glucose level
  • Platelet activation gets halted
  • Change in synaptic methods

The given factors even highlight the increased risk of blood clotting. When the air pollutants enter through inhalation, the neural sensory receptors get affected. The change that it brings to the body is the reason for stroke.

What are the ways to reduce the stroke risk due to air pollution?

Our neurologist Dr. Amit Mittal believes that following the given factors will reduce the risk of air pollution. Some of the helpful considerations are:

  • Try to limit yourself to getting exposed to air pollutants. Try to walk instead of traveling in a vehicle. Not just take all necessary measures to dispose of waste correctly.
  • Cover your face with a mask when you visit a polluted area. And try to avoid the path with heavy traffic or sites under construction.
  • Individuals diagnosed with asthma, heart disease, or other severe medical conditions need to avoid contact with pollution.
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Which are the most effective tests that are done to detect nerve damage?

The blog will guide you towards the list of different tests worth considering in every manner in case of nerve damage. It’s all-important to assess the damage as to what extent it is and determine the right way the nervous system works. Under the expertise of the renowned Neurologist in Ludhiana, you are informed all about the right way of doing things.

List of topmost tests to detect nerve damage

Here is a list of the most essential that you should consider analyzing the nerve damage most reliably.

  • Preliminary examination

In case of any discomfort or symptom, it’s essential to get it checked by the doctor. Most importantly, all the necessary details are analyzed, and how frequently do the symptoms trigger. Basically, the pain factor is considered. The Neurologist in Punjab is going to analyze the patient’s condition in all the right ways and let them know better about what approach should be followed next.

  • Neurological examination tests

Under the neurological examination, a series of different tests are done that analyze the hand and feet sensation to notice what exactly is the problem. The basic role of the given test is to analyze the autonomic nerve functioning to aid in better results. Moreover, it emphasizes checking the coolness and hotness levels.

  • Diagnostic testing

Under diagnostic testing, the key focus is to diagnose the severity and frequency of the symptoms. Under the given test MRI, biopsy, spinal tap, nerve biopsy, and many other nerves & muscle-related tests are done. Diagnosing the root cause of the problem is effective and required in different cases.

  • Electro-diagnostic testing

In case the results are not obtained effectively, then to further analyze the problem, this test is done. Being an advanced test, it allows the muscles and nerve movement to be checked properly. The inputs are analyzed to see what’s the issue and what further needs to be done.

  • Different blood tests

In case you have different side effects, then the focus is put on checking the toxic level in the blood, immune response with abnormality, and vitamin deficiency. The blood test does play an imperative part in checking what sort of abnormalities there. It does even check the other conditions linked to the kidney, thyroid, and other organs to see if the problem is occurring due to a different health issue.

  • Advanced additional testing

As the name suggests, the test focus is put on checking the neuropathy condition for a specific problem. It’s basically the response and magnitude which analyze the issue all effectively and check what the reason behind the same is. The test includes autonomic testing and quantitative sensory testing to better analyze the entire situation.