Aneurysm Coiling Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

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Aneurysm Coiling

Aneurysm Coiling Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab, The name also knows the aneurysm coiling of endovascular coiling. It’s categorized as a less invasive method recommended to patients with brain aneurysms. The surgical procedure includes minimal recovery time and fewer complications. At Neuro Life Brain & Spine Centre this surgical treatment is given for unruptured and ruptured brain aneurysms. Dr. Amit Mittal will diagnose your condition and, depending on the results, will let you know if the procedure is correct for you or not.

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What is Aneurysm?

The term Aneurysm stands for the weak area of the artery wall, known for supplying blood to the brain and other body parts. Being a weak spot, it has higher chances of getting filled with blood and enlarges with time. Following that, it puts pressure on the brain, making it rupture, and the chances of stroke are there. Although exact causes are not known, they might be linked to genetics.

What is the treatment for Aneurysm coiling?

Aneurysm coiling treatment is given by checking different factors like:

  • Size of the Aneurysm
  • Location of the Aneurysm
  • Patient’s age
  • Patient Overall health

In case of an unruptured condition, even simple changes in daily routine and regular intake of medications as prescribed can help manage the problem. Although, if the problem is severe, further use of updated technology is suggested. The best-suggested method is the endovascular Aneurysm coiling procedure, whose primary focus is sealing the clot. If needed, a stent is placed, and the entire process is performed under the expertise of a trained neurosurgeon in Punjab.

How should you prepare yourself for Aneurysm coiling?

Before the procedure, you will be asked to get several tests like MRI or CT scan to better check your condition. The Aneurysm coiling is done under general anesthesia, so you are asked not to eat or drink at least 8 hours before surgery.

What happens on the day of Aneurysm coiling surgery?

Initially, all the necessary preparation is done, and the incision is made in the large artery in the groin. The experienced neurosurgeon will perform the surgery. Your health is monitored throughout the procedure. Initially, the incision is made in the groin area to have access to the large artery, known as a femoral artery, that goes all the way to the brain. Once the stent is placed, the coil is released. Following that, catheters are withdrawn, and then the incision is sealed or stitched.

How much is the treatment cost of aneurysm coiling?

Well, the cost will depend on what your condition is and what your treatment plan includes. There is no such fixed cost as every patient’s condition varies from one another. On average, the price is around Rs 1,50,000. To have a better understanding of the same, you need to consult the neurosurgeon in Ludhiana to have thorough knowledge on the same.

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