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Take Charge Towards Your Health

Transforming The Healthcare Practices With Modern Technology

Neuro Life Brain & Spine Centre - One of the best Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana, making a difference in patient's lives for better living. Our centre aims to ensure that you don't feel like taking care of your spine and brain health has to be expensive. If you have been searching for one of the Best Brain Hospital in Punjab, your search begins and ends right here. We aim towards making the world a 'Healthier, Happier, & Better' place. You deserve better care for your brain & spine health, and that is what our Best Neurologist in Punjab will provide you with.

Balance Body Mind

Our neurologist will help you strike a balance between body and mind to benefit your overall health.

Nutrition Strategies

The importance of a well-balanced diet is addressed for keeping up the brain and spine health balanced.

Individualized Treatment

Every patient's health is different from one another, so the neurosurgeon gives personalized treatment.

Legacy of Excellence In A1 Care

We are here to help you take care of yourself. The ounce of prevention with the combination of the latest technology will address the health issues.



The initial consultation will help to break the ice by giving you clarity about everything regarding your health.



Our highly experienced team will come together to give you the treatment based on innovative technology.



Depending on your current state and treatment plan, the neurosurgeon determines the treatment cost.



Once the treatment begins and your health improves, a continuous check is kept over your health.