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Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Pediatric Neurosurgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab, Pediatric neurosurgery at Neuro Life Brain & Spine Centre is a one-stop destination for all those parents who need to make their child’s neuro health better. Children of all ages will seek personalized care from our experienced team of neurosurgeons to help them live better lives. Under the expertise of Dr. Amit Mittal, the patients get one step closer to getting the highly advanced and inventive treatment options of Pediatric neuro treatment. At our centre, your search for the best neurologist in Punjab will be fulfilled by all means to aid your child with the best possible care.


“Frequent follow-up is important for the child diagnosed with neuro-related health issues.”

Advanced and Inventive Pediatric Neuro Treatment

At Neuro Life Brain & Spine Centre, the most crucial concern is to assist the patient with the best possible care. The team of neurosurgeons uses the multidisciplinary approach to make sure the issue is addressed correctly. Throughout the treatment plan, the advanced and most inventive treatment options are used along with the MRI & CT scans to make the child’s neuro health get better in all ways.

What are the symptoms of the pediatric nervous system?

Pediatric nervous systems are different from one child as compared to another. As the problem is other, the symptoms will vary from one child to another. Considering the above reason, it’s essential not to reach the same at any cost. Here are some of the significant symptoms of this condition:

  • Muscle rigidity, tremors, or seizures
  • Lack of coordination
  • Delayed development
  • Muscle wasting and slurred speech
  • Increase or lack of growth in head size
  • Changes in the level of consciousness or mood
  • Changes in activity, reflexes, or movements
  • Persistent or excruciating headaches, loss of feeling

How does the child’s nervous system get damaged?

Any damage to the nerve system is likely to make the problem severe. Especially if the treatment is not done on time, there are high chances there will be more difficult in the future. Here are some of the injuries, diseases, and conditions which can increase the chances of having nervous system issues like:

  • Blood supply of vascular disorders
  • Infections
  • Blood flow disruption
  • Inborn genetic or metabolic problems
  • Trauma
  • Injuries to the head and spinal cord
  • Toxic exposures or direct effects of drug exposures
  • Degeneration
  • Mental health issues, such as depression, psychosis, and anxiety
  • Immune system disorders
  • Tumors
  • Structural defects

What type of neuro-related conditions are treated by pediatric neurosurgeons?

At our centre, you can seek treatment for several neuro-related health issues.
Most importantly, the Pediatric neurologist in Ludhiana can help take the proper care of your child’s neuro health. He will diagnose, treat, and help the condition get managed in all ways. Some of the neuro-related health conditions which are treated includes:

  • Congenital disabilities
  • Epilepsy
  • Head deformity
  • Spinal defects or deformity
  • Nerve trauma
  • Stroke
  • Brain tumors
  • Neurofibromatosis
  • Gait abnormalities (spasticity)
  • Birth injuries (weakness of arms and legs)

If you are concerned about your child’s neuro health, prompt medical assistance is essential.

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Suppose your healthcare provider has suggested your child get treatment from a pediatric neurosurgeon. In that case, Dr. Amit Mittal is one of the trusted names as the neurosurgeon in Ludhiana, from whom you can be rest assured to find the best treatment options. Schedule your initial consultation to get a thorough understanding of the same.

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