Neuro ICU Critical Care Unit in Ludhiana, Punjab

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Neuro ICU

Neuro ICU Critical Care Unit in Ludhiana, Punjab, Neuro ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is the care unit dedicated to taking care of patients needing immediate help related to neurological health issues. At Neuro Life Brain & Spine Centre, the modern and inventive Neuro ICU is set up, well-managed by a team of neurosurgical specialists with years of experience. Considering the growing needs of the patient and making them all comfortable in a hospital environment, our centre is always on the toes to make the whole place best to address neurological disorders. Our entire Neuro ICU staff is well-aware of the advanced procedures, and they have undergone rigorous training to keep a proper check over the patient’s condition. We have the basics from advanced instrumentation like neuroanatomy, basic neurophysiology, neuro assessment, and emergency neuro resuscitation.


Patient stay in the Neuro ICU is based on the surgical procedure, overall condition, and progress in health.’

Which are the health issues managed in a Neuro-ICU?

There are several conditions for which the patient has to get admitted to Neuro ICU. Some of those conditions are:

Additional Benefits of Neuro ICU

The Neuro ICU offers a lot more than what you just think about. There is a need for a specialized approach during the treatment approach or addressing the patient’s condition. The team of neurosurgical specialists will keep a check on the following:

  • Blood flow control in the brain
  • Intracranial pressure
  • And much more

There is the availability of all the necessary tools like electroencephalography, which is for ventilator mechanics, intensive blood pressure monitoring, cardiac telemetry, and many other inventive techniques. All the essential information about the patients is gathered through machinery to do further treatment.

Best care just for ‘YOU’

At Neuro Life Brain & Spine Centre, you will get the finest care given through advanced & inventive technology to transform your health in all the right ways.