Disc Prolapse Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Disc Prolapse

Prolapsed Disc treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab, Disc Prolapse or Herniated Disc When the intervertebral disc from the outside gets injured. The soft inside material known as the name of nucleus pulposus gets ruptured, which is present in the enclosed area. Due to the prolapsed disc, the spinal canal will have easy access to making the stuff enter inside it. Moreover, there are high chances that the spinal cord gets squashed due to the issue.

Studies have shown that the prevalence rate of disc prolapse is higher in young and middle-aged adults. Children have a rare chance to have this health condition. Immediate medical diagnosis is required as it can occur suddenly or might develop over months & weeks. At Neuro Life Brain & Spine Centre, you will get the best possible care for your spine-related issues to help you enjoy your life in all ways.


“Disc Prolapse cases account for more than 10 million in India every year”

What are the significant causes of disc prolapse?

As mentioned above, the problem might occur suddenly or develop in some time. But with this condition, excess pressure is put on the disc. Some of the reasons due to which it can occur are:

  • Falling from a certain height and then landing on the buttocks. Due to the fall, the spine will have a significant amount of force, resulting in a fracture, or the chances of rupture are higher.
  • If you try to bend forward, there will be excess stress on the discs. The disc can rupture when you try to bend forward to lift something heavy.

The outer fibers present in the disk can be weak, which increases the chance of having a minor injury. Having such a condition is higher as you age; work-related activities or hereditary can be the reason.

Did you know?

Disc prolapse can occur in 2 possible ways:

  • Due to direct pressure
  • Chemical irritation

What are the symptoms of disc prolapse?

The chances are that a prolapsed disc will not lead to neck or back pain, but in some cases, it is common to experience the same. Some of the significant symptoms are:

  • Pain in buttocks or behind the shoulder blade
    Loss of bowel movement or bladder control. Numbness in the genital area and impotence also signs.
  • Pain can reach the arms and legs, either one or both.
  • The location of the symptoms will depend on the nerve which is affected.

During the initial consultation, the doctor will check all symptoms to understand better what’s the problem.

How to diagnose disc prolapse?

  • Do you have any weaknesses?
  • Had you suffered from an injury before the pain triggered?
  • What’s the exact location of the pain?
  • Did you have a similar problem like this?
  • Have you undergone weight loss surgery?
  • Have you faced any medical issues in the past?

For a definitive diagnosis, the neurologist will perform a CT scan, MRI, and another test to understand the problem better.

What are the treatment options available for disc prolapse?

Disc prolapse is one of those conditions which settles on its own in many cases. Around 80% to 90% of the cases feel the symptoms going down. In this entire process, about 6 to 8 weeks are needed. Although, if there are chances of nerve root compression, impaired function, or any other severe issue, the treatment has to be started immediately. If symptoms do not settle on their own, then conservative treatment is given for the same. Depending on the patient’s condition, surgery is suggested.

How much is the cost of disc prolapse treatment?

On average, the treatment cost is around Rs 1,80,000. The actual amount will only be known when you consult the doctor and check the condition thoroughly.

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