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Head Injury

Head Injury is an injury to the brain or skull. The damage can be a mild bump, bruise, or traumatic injury to the brain. Head injury can be closed or open, which means:

  • Closed head injury does not break the skull
  • Open head injury breaks the scalp and skull, which enters the brain

It’s essential to check the seriousness of the situation through detailed diagnosis, and based on the results; further treatment is made. Dr. Amit Mittal is a known neurosurgeon in Punjab who will give you the treatment plan by checking your condition entirely with the latest and inventive treatment plan.

“Treatment and results depend upon the reason behind head injury & how severe it is.”

What are the significant causes of head injury?

The head injuries are divided into two types, but that is checked by seeing the significant causes. The injury can be due to a blow or shaking. If the head injury is due to a blow, then it is likely due to several factors like:

  • Falls
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Physical assaults
  • Sports-related accidents

What are the types of head injuries?

  • Hematoma :Hematoma is the presence of a blood clot on the outer part of blood vessels. It’s possible it can occur in the brain. The clotting is likely to result in pressure in the skull. The chances are high that it can lead to permanent brain damage.
  • Hemorrhage :A hemorrhage is the state of excess and continuous bleeding. The bleeding can occur within the brain tissue or around the brain. Moreover, it can lead to headaches & vomiting. With excess blood, there will be pressure buildup.

What are the significant symptoms behind head injury?

The highest number of blood vessels are present in the body, so having bleeding in the brain surface requires prompt attention. Some of the common symptoms of head injury include the following:

  • Headache
  • Lightheadedness
  • Spinning sensation
  • Mild confusion
  • Nausea
  • Temporary ringing in the ears

How is a head injury diagnosed?

The initial test is Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), a 15-point test to see mental health. When the level is high, it means less severe head injury. By doing so, the damage is better checked. Apart from that, the trauma signs are checked, including swelling and bruising. Moreover, the neurological examination is done, which makes it easier to check the following:

  • Assess nerve function through muscle strength & control
  • Eye movement
  • Sensation

How is a head injury treated?

The head injury treatment depends on the severity and type of the head injury. For minor conditions, there are no apparent symptoms except the pain. So for that, the medication is given. Whether it’s severe or minor, it’s essential that you keep a check over your condition by seeking medical assistance at the earliest. Your treatment plan will include medication and surgery. Afterward, rehabilitation is suggested to improve your situation and health properly.

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