What Is Spondylosis, Its Symptoms, And Pain Management Treatment?

Cervical Spondylosis

What Is Spondylosis, Its Symptoms, And Pain Management Treatment?

Almost 80% of the total population suffers from back pain. And there are many reasons for this extreme discomfort. There are some causes, such as sports injury, that might resolve over time on their own. But the chronic problem might last longer and also greatly disrupt your daily life.

Visit the best spine doctor in Ludhiana and treat your back pain issue if it is preventing you from accomplishing your daily activity.

In case your back pain is worsening, then there is a good chance that you might be suffering from spondylosis.

In this blog, we will discuss this condition and its symptoms to understand it better and manage your back pain.

What Is Spondylosis?

The expert uses spondylosis to describe the range of spine degenerative conditions. It generally affects the spine’s bones, such as vertebrates, and in certain situations, people also refer to osteoarthritis.

Besides that, it can also impact the small area of the spine, from the skull’s base down to the lower back.

Muscular tears or sprains are not the leading cause of spondylosis and its issues. Degeneration of the bone or even spinal disc condition is.

You can suffer from spondylosis at any age, but it is most prominent in mid-adulthood. With time as the body degenerates, it worsens, especially if you do not undergo Cervical Spondylosis Treatment in Ludhiana.

Certain spondylosis types, such as thoracic spondylosis, will not create many problems until later in life. While others might show its symptoms from the beginning.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Spondylosis?

Some signs and symptoms might indicate you have spondylosis. However, these symptoms might be signs of acute back pain, such as muscle tears from exercise. To be sure, visit a doctor for a professional diagnosis.

Time is the key difference between an injury and spondylosis. With time, an injury and its pain will lessen. But with spondylosis, the pain will worsen with time.

Visit your doctor immediately if you are noticing any of the symptoms:

  1. Neck pain

  2. Back pain

  3. Stiff movement in the spine

  4. Back soreness in the morning

  5. Weakness

  6. Numbness

  7. Tingling

  8. Lower back pain

  9. Difficulty bending over

With the help of a proper diagnosis, the doctor can determine the right treatment to control and manage the pain. It will also further prevent you from degeneration.

Physiotherapy For Pain Management

An experienced physiotherapist will be able to handle all kinds of spondylosis. They are certified doctors who will recommend you to do regular exercise for you to maintain the movement and flexibility in your spine. Apart from that, you will also receive a massage to help you get rid of the pain muscle tension causes in the back.

Light Exercise For Pain Management

With the help of light exercise, you will manage to retain your range of movements. It will also allow your bones and muscles to stay healthy. We know that exercising in pain can be difficult, but a few minutes of gentle stretching might do you wonders.

Apart from that, proper treatment from the professional is a must that you can not compromise on.

Final Comments

In the Neuro Life, Brain, And Spine Centre, our doctors will make sure to give the best treatment for your spondylosis and other neurological issues.