Spine Care: Everything you need to know about the Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis

Spine Care: Everything you need to know about the Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis: Problem affecting the neck

Cervical spondylosis is one of the degenerative conditions that affect the neck. Due to cervical spondylosis, the soft disks present between the vertebrae get compressed. Over time the problem can get worse. And that’s why you have to seek Cervical Spondylosis Treatment in Punjab from an experienced medical expert at the earliest.

Essential facts about Cervical Spondylosis

  • Common with age
  • Won’t show any symptoms

Please Note!

Cervical spondylosis won’t lead to disability. But, that does not mean you have to avoid the problem. With time the changes affect the nerve root or spinal cord. Such individuals have higher chances of having weak legs or clumsy hands. So, please be considerate about consulting one of the best spine doctor in Ludhiana on an immediate basis.

What are the symptoms of cervical spondylosis?

Some of the common signs and symptoms that tell you to visit one of the leading Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana to seek the best possible care:

  • Pain in the neck that may travel to your arms or shoulders
  • Headaches
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Not able to keep balance
  • Weakness in your arms and legs
  • Numbness in your shoulders, arms, or hands
  • Difficulty controlling bladder or bowel movement
  • A grinding feeling when you move your neck

How is cervical spondylosis diagnosed?

During the initial consultation, the doctor will perform a physical examination to analyze the problem effectively. Please tell the doctor if you had any spinal or neck injury and tell the symptoms you notice. The doctor will check the working of the legs, arms, shoulders, and neck. Additionally, for better understanding, the doctor will perform different tests like:

  • Imaging tests – CT scan, MRI, and X-ray
  • Myelography
  • Electromyography

How is cervical spondylosis treated?

Our spine doctor will customize the treatment plan depending on the diagnosis. Initially, the treatment includes giving pain relief. Some of the best-known treatments for cervical spondylosis are:

  • Medications

Take the necessary anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by the doctor.

  • Physical therapy

The therapy is another suitable choice as it allows muscles to stretch and gain strength.

  • Apply heat or ice

The application of heat or ice packs on the neck provides better relief.

Apart from these, there’s a collar and injections to deal with the situation. Only the doctor can tell better which choice is worth making in this situation.

Is surgery needed for cervical spondylosis?

In most cases, a surgical approach won’t be necessary. With medical advancement, it’s all possible to get the surgery done with utmost ease. On average, the cervical spondylosis surgery cost is around Rs 2,50,000. Well, the cost factor varies due to different factors.

Can I prevent cervical spondylosis?

Although, prevention is not possible. Instead, you can take some necessary measures to mitigate the chances of cervical spondylosis like:

  • Keep yourself active and healthy
  • Keep your body posture right
  • Prevent cases of neck injuries and use the right equipment
  • Don’t put trauma on your neck