Everything you need to know about pediatric neurosurgery for Hydrocephalus

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Everything you need to know about pediatric neurosurgery for Hydrocephalus

Pediatric neurosurgery in Punjab

Is your child diagnosed with Hydrocephalus? Now you have to search for the Neurologist in Ludhiana who gives the utmost effective and advanced pediatric neuro care. Indeed! Seeking treatment on time is essential to improve the well-being of your child. At Neuro Life Brain and Spine Centre, under the expertise of Dr. Amit Mittal, you can get inventive and latest treatments for your child’s brain and spine health.

Little breakdown on Hydrocephalus – Common Brain Problem

Hydrocephalus is a common brain condition that needs surgical intervention on time and under the expertise of an experienced Pediatric Neurosurgeon in Ludhiana.

The brain condition affects your child’s brain functionality. The problem leads to:

  • Fluid build-up
  • Puts excess pressure on the brain

As the child is small and the brain is still developing, it’s often difficult to diagnose this brain condition. The problem is even more troublesome when pressure gets put on the brain. Considering the age factor, it’s essential to seek immediate pediatric neuro care in Ludhiana to improve your child’s well-being.

You must always take the best health measures for the child’s brain and spine health, as it’s interlinked. Our best spine doctor in Ludhiana is here to make a difference in your child’s health.

Treatment options for Pediatric Neurosurgery for Hydrocephalus

Depending on your child’s condition and what suits them best, the neurosurgeon will give the necessary treatment plan. The two most effective pediatric neurosurgical options are:

Pediatric neurosurgery 1: Endoscopically

The endoscope is a safe and minimally invasive approach available at present. If your child’s Hydrocephalus condition is not severe or still at the initial stage, endoscopy is an excellent approach.

During surgery, the surgeon will create a small incision at the base of the brain. The further approach allows limiting the fluid build-up in the brain to release the tension.

Pediatric neurosurgery 2: Shunt placement

Another safe and inventive approach is shunt placement. If your child’s condition is severe and requires immediate attention, shunt placement is suggested.

During the surgery, neurosurgeons insert a small tube that allows cerebrospinal fluid to not go to the brain and go to other body parts. The procedure allows us to take the pressure right away.

Please discuss if surgery is required in future or not. If yes, then how aggressive the surgical approach is? Knowing everything beforehand is essential to getting your child the best possible care.

Hydrocephalus brain condition can lead to anxiety

A child living with Hydrocephalus has their life go upside down as the child will have anxiety problems. However, that does not mean your child cannot live a healthy and normal life. As a parent, you have to be by their side.

Most importantly, give them support, comfort, and care as they begin their journey of hydrocephalus treatment.