Explain the cold and hot treatment for lumbar spine problems?

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Explain the cold and hot treatment for lumbar spine problems?

The lumbar spine represents the lower back consisting of various muscles, nerves, and bones. Blood vessels, ligaments, and intervertebral discs are a significant part of our lumbar spine. The Neurologist in Ludhiana says that this issue of severe pain in the lumbar spine is common among older adults and severely affects adults and teenagers. Under this pain, you feel very uncomfortable performing any movements and household chores.

In addition, sometimes, your back pain may turn into a more severe condition that does not stop until you meet a doctor. In this condition, you can also consult with the best spine doctor in Ludhiana so that your problem will identify its root cause and be treated with a suitable cure.

Define the working of the lumbar spine?

The lumbar spine performs the following functions:

  • Protects your cauda equina and spinal cord: Your spine bones prevent the spinal cord that begins from the top skull and lasts at the first lumbar vertebra. Spine vertebrae confer bony enclosure to each nerve of your spinal cord. The Neuro specialist In Ludhiana states that this combination of nerve tails is called cauda equina.
  • Supports your upper body and distributes body weight: Lumbar Spine holds the upper seven vertebrae bones in the neck (is called the cervical spine) and twelve vertebrae in the chest (are known as the thoracic spine) that hold the weight of your head and rest part. It further links with the pelvis that has the body weight and other stretching activities such as lifting items, etcetera. It passes weight up to the legs when you hold something too heavy.
  • Move your body: You can move in all directions only by your lower back muscles that confer flexibility to your lumbar spine from flexion and extension (front to back), sides, and full circular motion. The last two lumbar vertebrae lead to more movements.
  • Controls leg movement: The cauda equina controls leg sensations, and lower spinal nerves together manage the overall activity of your legs.

Define cold and hot treatment for the lumbar spine?

You may feel pain in your lumbar spine due to injuries, osteoarthritis issues, back muscle injuries, herniated discs, etc. To stop this pain and uncomfortable condition, you can use cold and hot treatment that is very effective to some extent if your pain is not very old.

Cold treatment: Under this procedure, you can take ice from your refrigerator and apply it to the area of your back where you feel severe pain. You can use it directly on the affected area or put this ice into a plastic bag or a cotton cloth and massage your pained area for at least ten to fifteen minutes. You can repeat this process within twenty-four to forty-eight hours in a day.

Hot treatment: After the cold treatment, you must give heat to the pained area of your lumbar spine the following day. For this, you can use a heating bag or heat pack.

You can also utilize a cotton cloth or a warm water bottle to heat your back to eradicate the severe pain. You must continue this technique for ten minutes more than once throughout the day.