Dementia Treatment: Requires supervision of an experienced neurologist

Dementia problem Neurosurgeon

Dementia Treatment: Requires supervision of an experienced neurologist

Dementia problem?

Dementia is one of the common concerns that show several symptoms, like problems with thinking, not being able to memorize everything, and having problems connecting with everyone socially. In that case, it’s essential that you don’t neglect the situation and seek the supervision of a skilled & experienced Neurologist in Ludhiana. As different health concerns can cause dementia. So, it’s essential to analyze the problem effectively and find out the best possible means to deal with the situation. Bear in mind if you get the doctor’s expertise on time, the dementia symptoms can be reversed easily.

Symptoms of dementia

Some of the major symptoms of dementia are mentioned below:

  • Unable to communicate easily and cannot find the right words
  • Unable to suggest the accurate choice in a problem-solving situation
  • Cannot handle the difficult task easily
  • Cannot organize or handle the situation
  • Problem with motor or coordination function
  • Feel disoriented or confused all the time
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Not showing the right behavior
  • Depression

If the symptoms have begun to get worse with time, then you need to be mindful and get the doctor’s expertise. Sometimes the problem can happen due to other severe conditions, so the Neurosurgeon in Punjab suggests treatment based upon the same. Make sure that you don’t delay and get the treatment started to ease the process of recovery.

Treatment of dementia

Well, the symptoms of dementia cannot be cured. But, the modern-day advanced and inventive approach focuses on addressing the symptoms & ensuring the situation gets handled on time. Now, let’s have a look at the treatment options that have proven to be effective for dementia patients.

Medications for dementia

Medication medications — including donepezil (Aricept), rivastigmine (Exelon), and galantamine (Razadyne) help to boost the overall memory and ability to judge the situation. Other than this, there is memantine that helps the brain function and chemical messengers to work like normal in the body.

Please note! The medications contain side effects, so it’s essential to take them only under the supervision of a medical expert. The doctor will guide you better on how much to take at one time, how to take them, and if there’s something that you need to avoid while you are on medications. So, it’s a process, and taking every measure will direct you toward the right path.

Therapies for dementia patients

Dementia patients can even undergo some inventive therapies to help target the symptoms that occur due to behavior change or other situations. So, here’s what dementia patients should follow:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Make healthy changes in the nearby surrounding
  • Try to simplify all the tasks. So that everything can be done with greater ease and comfort.

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