Brain Tumor: How Can Brain Tumors Affect the Brain in Various Ways?

Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor: How Can Brain Tumors Affect the Brain in Various Ways?

Brain Tumor can affect brain health in all ways

The brain is one of the integral body parts which either controls the body directly or indirectly. The brain contains enough blood supply, which gets further protection by the fluid named CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid). Everything inside the brain is enclosed in the skull. If you are diagnosed with a brain tumor, it’s imperative to seek assistance from one of the known neurosurgeons in Punjab who can guide you effectively on which treatment to get and how your brain health can be transformed.

Brain tumor impacts the brain functioning

The tumor is one of the deadliest issues which needs medical assistance on a prompt basis. The problem is that it can even affect brain functioning in different ways. In some cases, a brain tumor occurs directly in the brain, or it might have come from another body part. Here’s how brain tumors can affect the brain.

  • Brain tumor leads to swelling: There’s swelling of the brain with brain tumors, which is also known as oedema. As a cancer grows, it will compress the brain, or even the brain position might shift. Moreover, the location of the cancer can make difference in brain function, and there are chances to have:
    • Paralysis
    • Body weakness
    • Blindness
    • Loss of Speech
    • Deafness

    With increased swelling, the brain is highly pressurized. It’s even possible the blood circulation is affected.

  • Chances of having different symptoms: Swelling and then increased pressure on the brain leads to headaches, vomiting, and nausea. Over time there is a risk of behavior change, forgetfulness, and psychosis.  Apart from these changes, other things can happen, like weight gain, infertility, overgrowth, neutral irregularity, or growth retardation.

Can tumors affect the skull bone?

YES! The tumor present in the brain can lead to several changes in the skull bones. Moreover, there’s swelling, or the bones might get thin with time. In case the tumor is coming from the brain stem, then it’s possible to have issues like:

  • Not able to swallow
  • Not able to chew
  • Not able to eat
  • The body is not balanced


Get prompt medical attention

Make sure you do not ignore the early morning headache, vomiting, or another symptom. To make a prompt decision, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Amit Mittal to make your brain health better in all ways.