Be aware of the stroke to take prompt action and save someone’s life.


Be aware of the stroke to take prompt action and save someone’s life.

Stroke: Do not it affect your and your family’s life

A stroke happens when blood vessels get blocked, or there’s bleeding in the brain. The most common signs are vision issues, confusion, problems walking, talking, dizziness, slurred speech, vision issues, headaches, and much more. If someone has stroke-like symptoms, it’s essential to begin the Stroke Treatment In Ludhiana at the earliest to improve the situation.

What are the signs of stroke?

The stroke symptoms are noted through “FAST” terms, which easily tell about the symptoms. It is represented as:

  • Face dropping, like when someone smiles; it’s not even drooping on one side.

  • Arm weakness, the person won’t be able to raise both arms, and one will drift downwards.

  • Speech difficulty occurs when someone has slurred speech, or it is extremely difficult to understand

  • Time, Now having these signs tells us to consult the medical expert at the earliest and take measures to work upon the situation. Make sure to take the person to one of the leading Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana for effective management of the situation.

Don’t go with wait & see approach

Stroke is one condition that doesn’t get better or works with a wait & sees approach. For the person’s health, seeking medical treatment on the earliest basis is what will make a difference. Most importantly, it’s the appropriate way to save the patient’s life and prevent any kind of long-term complications. In some cases the stroke can occur in spine and for that you can talk about the same with the best spine doctor in Ludhiana.

Make yourself aware of stroke

Being such a serious medical condition, even medical experts and hospital are taking initiatives to create stroke awareness. Taking small and necessary measures play a key role in reducing the suffering of patients having stroke symptoms. The major focus is upon:

  • Give the understanding to know more about the stroke symptoms

  • Create awareness so that patients get’s medical assistance at the earliest

  • Tell properly about the right kind of medical treatment options

  • Give treatment to those who are dealing with the symptoms

  • Busting the biggest myths about stroke

How to prevent stroke?

Taking preventive measures is worth everything to bring a huge difference in a patient’s life. So, here are some of the preventive tips you can take for stroke:

Tip 1: Keep your blood pressure under control

Make sure you have your blood pressure under control so that the chances of making it severe don’t increase. Especially if you are over 80, make sure to keep your blood pressure under check. Take necessary medications as prescribed.

Tip 2: Make sure to exercise every day

You need to exercise to keep your body weight balanced and blood pressure under control. At least make a habit of working out for five days for 30 minutes.

Tip 3: Don’t increase your stress levels

Excess stress causes inflammation of body parts. You should simply sit back and relax. Try to take a deep breath and focus on one particular task. The space you work in should be calm and have soft colors.

Additional tips to prevent stroke

  • Do not smoke

  • Keep a healthy body weight

  • Do not drink alcohol

  • Keep a check over your heartbeat

  • Control the cholesterol level

  • Manage the diabetes

  • Increase fiber intake

  • Take medications on time

Take benefit from medical advances in stroke treatment

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