9 important actions to take when your child starts having a seizure


9 important actions to take when your child starts having a seizure

Take care of your child during a seizure

When a child has a seizure attack, it can be extremely heartbreaking and terrifying for a parent. Even if it’s just for 2 minutes, the harm it leaves on the body can trigger several questions in mind. Moreover, the brief period of shaking and staring makes everything more troublesome.

However, this is when, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to be careful and mindful of all necessary measures to take. Make sure to stay in touch with the Neurologist in Punjab and do what they suggest you do so.

 Important actions to take when a child starts having seizures

Action 1: Always stay calm

Obviously! Your child is not conscious and responsible; you need to take action.

 Action 2: Call for an ambulance

Make sure to call the helpline or emergency number immediately because even a single-second delay can negatively affect your child’s health.

 Action 3: Lay him or her on the floor

During seizures, till the ambulance arrives, you need to lay your child on the floor. This position helps the child’s airway open and breathe like normal.

If your child’s brain and spine condition do not seem to be right?

Make sure to schedule an initial consultation with one of the best Spine doctor in Ludhiana. 

Action 4: Never hold or stop the movement

Don’t mistake holding your child or controlling the movement during seizures. Make sure to consult with the Pediatric Neurologist in Punjab regarding the necessary action needed to take while your child has seizures. 

Action 5: Don’t keep anything around that area

Where you have laid down your child, do not keep anything in that area. Their jerk or uncontrollable movement can make them hot on something and lead to an injury. 

Action 6: Loosen the tight clothes

Please make sure to loosen any type of tight clothes around the neck. Otherwise, it can make them experience an uncomfortable situation.

 Action 7: Never put anything in the mouth

Do not make the mistake of putting something in his or her mouth. Your child will not be in a state to swallow anything at that time. 

Action 8: Time the seizure

Make sure to time the seizures, so you can tell the neurologist, ‘How long does the seizure attack last for?’ In addition, it allows the doctor to take necessary action accordingly. 

Action 9: Need for emergency room if the seizure last for 2 minutes

A seizure lasting 2 to 5 minutes means your child must be taken to the emergency room. 

Get appropriate seizure treatment

Make sure to take your child for immediate diagnosis and treatment to manage the situation. At Neuro Life Brain and Spine Centre, you can get the most personalized and advanced care for your child under the expertise of Dr. Amit Mittal to make the situation manageable and seek effective results.