7 Symptoms – That You are Suffering from Life-Threatening Brain Tumour.

Brain Tumor

7 Symptoms – That You are Suffering from Life-Threatening Brain Tumour.

When we even mention the brain tumour, then it sounds scary to us. According to the best neurologist in Punjab, “It affects either one or more parts of the brain.” Now you must be thinking, why does this kind of tumour sound scary to us? It is because it is only the brain that is accountable for handling the process and the movements concerning other parts of the body. If anything goes wrong with this part, then the other parts are sure to see the effect of the same.

 Did you know?

The neurosurgeon in Punjab has revealed the finding that in the case of the brain tumour, it does not at all matter whether its size is small or big. It always and always results in either the stoppage or failure in passing the signals to the brain.

In this article, we are going to facilitate our readers with the information on how can they determine whether they are down with the brain tumour or not:

Symptoms of the Brain Tumour

The problem in Thinking & Loss of Memory

When people succumb to brain cancer, the first thing they notice is the problem of remembering things or forgetting them on the spot. It may or may not happen on a daily basis.

Make sure to immediately visit the doctor if this problem of forgetfulness is increasing daily based on the intensity and the magnitude.


No doubt, a healthy person can also suffer from headaches. But if you are a person who gets it regularly, then it is a matter of concern that needs to be discussed immediately with the doctor.

If these headaches go bad or even worse after some time, then it is suggested to take someone with you in consultation with the doctor. If you do not do it, then there are chances that you may get collapsed in the way.


These are a kind of brain freeze. These are considered as one of the predominant signs of brain tumours. This condition is said to be aroused when the irritation resulting in the presence of a tumour has started firing the neurons.


When an individual is encountering numbness in one or more parts of the body, then it may lead to the breakdown of the nervous system. This breakdown may happen when the signals are not getting transferred to the various organs of the body.


When it is becoming difficult for the individual to carry out the regular work with the attention and the reflexes, then it is the symptom of the brain tumour. Following things will make you sure-shot that there is something fishy with your brain:

  • Climbing stairs 
  • Struggling to focus on one thing
  • Maintenance of Balance
  • Fumbling to handle the things

The vision may also get faded away

If the tumour is producing a considerable effect on one or both eyes, then the person may also suffer from either the loss of vision or blurred vision.


It is one of the things that is experienced for the short term. But if the individual is experiencing it for a long time, then it is not normal and deserves special attention.