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Comprehensive Guide to Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Brain stroke,  a medical condition that is affecting millions of people worldwide. This problem strikes when your brain does not get enough blood flow. The blockage in artery or internal bleeding in the brain is the common cause for brain stroke. According to the best Neurologist in Srinagar from Neurolife Brain & Spine Centre, lack of oxygen supply to the brain causes death of cells in the brain.

We will delve into the potential causes, signs and therapies for this life threatening problem.


What is Brain Stroke : 

A brain stroke is also known as cerebrovascular accident (CVA), happens when blood supply to the brain lowers. This low supply of oxygen can create a long lasting impact on many biological functions of the body, followed by severe harm to brain cells. 

Types of Brain Stroke: 

  • Ischemic Stroke:   

Blockage of blood supply due to arteries can also lead to stroke.

  • Hemorrhagic Stroke: 

ruptured or leaky blood vessels can also cause Hemorrhagic stroke.

Common Causes: 

Proper understanding of the problem is helpful for both preventing or treating brain stroke. 

  • Hypertension: 

High blood pressure is the common cause for brain stroke. People with great blood pressure management can significantly lower the risk of brain stroke. 

  • Atrial Fibrillation: 

Blood clots can be responsible for forming irregular heart beats, which ultimately increase the chances of brain stroke. 

  • Diabetes & Lifestyle:
    The risk of brain stroke can be increased with diseases like diabetes and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Which includes a busy schedule and poor diet. 

Identifying Symptoms: 

For proper and result driven treatment, it is essential to early detection of stroke symptoms. 

Following are a few methods listed by which you can easily identify the problem of stroke. 

  • Face: One side of the face is sagging. 
  • Arms: Raise your arm, if your arm is drifting to ground then it is concerning. 
  • Speech: Difficulty in speaking or unclear speech is a common issue.

Those were common and easily recognisable symptoms, although they might be symptoms for any other issue but it is better to assure from the diagnosis at Neurolife Brain & Spine Centre. 

Treatment Options: 

  • Emergency Care: 

Rapid action is essential in the treatment of strokes. Receiving medical care at Neurolife Brain & Spine Centre right away can lessen the complications and increase the chances of full recovery. 

  • Rehabilitation:
    Rehabilitation is essential for stroke survivors, it helps the survivors to cope with the upcoming acute problems and restore the skills. 

Medication & Conclusion: 

The medication for brain stroke patients is similar to the patient’s blood pressure and atrial fibrillation. 

The key to preventing and managing the problem of brain stroke is understanding the causes and spotting symptoms early and getting appropriate brain stroke treatment in Jammu & Kashmir at Neurolife Brain & Spine Centre. You can greatly lower the risk and improve general brain health by remaining informed and adopting healthy lifestyle choices.

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